Elite Hardie Board Installation

Professionally trained contractors with 15 years of experience in Hardie Board installation.

Certified by James Hardie in 2003 and has received continuous training by James Hardie to current. We are up to date with the latest specifications and warranty requirements.

if you are hiring a Hardie Board installer, check with the manufacturer for the following requirements.

1) Make sure they are James Hardie trained. Anyone can claim that they can install Hardie Board siding, but if it is not installed properly, you wont have the Hardie warranty to fall back on. Making sure your contractor is hardie trained insures that your warranty will be honored.

2) Check with James Hardie for recommendations of a good installer. We are highly recommended by James Hardie because we are very serious about making sure that not only is the product installed to the warranty specifications, but that it looks absolutely awesome when we are done.

3) ask the contractor if they have a completion of training certificate or card. James Hardie only gives out these completion of training certificates to those who actually are professionally trained by James Hardie

We have been hired to remove improperly installed Hardie Board and install it correctly. its one of the worst things you can imagine to invest a good deal of money on your new exterior just to find that it was not installed properly and has to come back off.

It takes several weeks for the project to take place and you don't want it to last any longer than it has to.


Do it right the first time and hire a professional to install your James Hardie siding

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