Cellulose Insulation can be sprayed on Basement Walls

In Short, YES! Cellulose insulation can be sprayed directly on block or concrete walls in the basement and we recommend it.  First you want to inspect the integrity of the walls in the basement. Are there cracks that have moisture or are there areas in your basement where moisture is coming in through your walls? If there is moisture or there are visible cracks, you will need to address those issues first.

If you have a sound dry wall, then you can absolutely spray cellulose directly on the block or concrete walls in your basement. I have personally sprayed hundreds and hundreds of basements over 30 years and only have happy clients that are glad they sprayed cellulose insulation in their basement.

Cellulose naturally resists mold with the all-borate properties it fights against mold and mildew. this is a great compliment for a basement. But if there is water in your basement, you need to fix that issue first.

Also, Cellulose has a higher R-value and its effective because it stops air from passing through making it a great benefit in the basement ant the entire home.

Here are some points to consider before you insulate your basement walls

  • Cellulose is the best insulation to use in a stable basement environment
  • Cellulose resists mold and mildue
  • Cellulose is vermin resistant - the natural all borate properties of cellulose are unattractive to vermin
  • Cellulose is great for sound reduction with 90% stopping power in stopping the transfer of sound from one room to another, almost not audible.
  • Cellulose is great for basement climate control. if you want the basement the same temperature as the rest of the house, or if you want it cooloer or warmer for whatever reason. cellulose does a superior job for temperature control
  • Works great in the ceilings for sound as well.
  • Water in basement - Fix water infiltration - then spray cellulose insulation which contains mold reistance
  • Moisture in Walls - Fix Moisture infiltration - then spray cellulose insulation which contains mold reistance
  • Cracks In Walls - Fix cracks in walls - then spray cellulose insulation

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We noticed a huge difference before they were even finished.


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